A Love Worth Celebrating | Beth & Alex

As I was editing these photos, there were so many times where I noticed myself smiling ear to ear and my eyes welling with tears. Ethan and I have fallen so in love with Alex and Beth, and their love for one another. We are so excited that they are moving to Kansas City and will be so close to us! I see a lot of hangouts in our future. Alex and Beth have the the sweetest little boy, Holden, and he is SUCH the mamma's boy. All he wanted to do all day was hold her, he is just so in love with her. Beth is a wonderful mom, one of the kindest and humble clients, and I know she is such the honest and caring wife. Alex is a openly kind man, you know one of those guys that just gives you a complement without hesitation. He loves on Beth, Holden, his sister and everyone with such sweetness. Everyone needs a guy like that in their lives, Beth was smart to snatch that up! ;) 

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