First Post & Paper Lanterns

I was thinking, dreaming and brainstorming about what my "first" blog post would be. I had ideas of all these things I would say, how you all would just fall in love with my adorable sense of humor and think I was just about the wittiest of all the bloggers and blah blah blah... Then. I took these photos. 
Alex & Beth's wedding was this past Saturday, and I am feverishly working on the photos to share with them and you, but the night before was their rehearsal. And guess what? They didn't rehearse. Nope. But, we did set off a little over 100 paper lanterns. We wont talk about the fires we extinguished...

I love when a couple comes along who aren't afraid to try something a  little different than the 'traditional' wedding. Sure keeps me on my toes! ;) Their wedding was just as adorable! Can't wait to share later this week.
- Elise

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