A Night in a Fort

Recently, some really special women have made their way into my life and have blessed me with their sweet souls and creative minds. One of these women is joining the married club this coming weekend, (yes, I am taking the wedding photos) and we are all so so soooo excited! Here are a few magical photos from her bachelorette party, which was held in a homemade fort, in the middle of a friends living room. What?! Just because we are grown up and some of us have husbands and babies, doesn't mean we don't love a good fort. ;) 

We played a little game with fortune cookies, where at the end you have to say - "in bed..." perfect for fun laughs at a bachelorette party. 

Sometimes you just have to dance in your socks, with all your best girls, and that's alright.
- Elise

a pretty little iphone photo.

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