Jonathan & Lauren | Sweet Love

This couple should win the couple of the year award. They planned a gorgeous, flawless, relaxed and fun wedding in less than 4 months! Color me impressed. It took us a good year to get our wedding planned, as it does for most, but not these guys! 
Lauren and Jonathan are two of our sweet friends. We photographed their proposal - which I should totally blog - her bachelorette and her pre-wedding bridals. I have known Lauren since she was in second (or was it third) grade with my older sister... so yeah, long time. ;) They met in high school, Lauren had a (quiet) crush on him for a while and then well, the rest is history. All I know is that when you watch them together, you know there is a deep love there for one another and it's perfect. 

LOVE this one of you, Lauren!  (Jonthan, you look good too. ;)

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Katie said...

Love that dress and these photos are amazing! (:

Anna Neale said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, Elise! Can't wait to work with you soon. :)

Anna Sangrey said...
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Anna Sangrey said...

This photography is absolutely beautiful. What a precious day, wedding. Thanks for using your artistic gift--it's blessed my day.