Blake & Haley | Happily Wed, Finally Wed.

I honestly thought this day would never come when they booked me, just over a year and a half before their wedding! I remember Haley's Facebook status saying something ridiculous like "400 Days til our wedding day!" (I dont know why I put that in quotes, because it isn't a quote so much as an example) and  thinking, oh my lord that's so far away! But their day came, and we were all jumbled up inside with emotions, it flew by in a blur and now they are adorable newlyweds. We have grown so fond of these two and couldn't be more supportive of their wedding and their marriage. 
Haley made everyone cry so much, including me, with her sweet, happy, overjoyed tears. and yes, overwhelmed tears too, because let's be honest. if you have ever been a bride or you are going to be a bride you will understand the overwhelming part. It's a big deal, and a crazy day - but let's not forget that it is such a fun day! I remember Haley exclaiming with a smile and tears in her eyes, "I don't know why I am crying so much!" Um, honey, both of your parents were crying all day too - so at least you know who to blame there. ;) 
As we are winding up our wedding season, with one more wedding this coming weekend, I have noticed that I have almost become immune to all of the crazy wedding day emotions. So it was good to be shocked back into the emotion of it all by these sweet people and their kind and sincere love. So basically, thanks guys for making me cry all day long too! ;)
This wedding day was a little different in the order of events department. They did their BBQ Dinner before their ceremony, then they celebrated with pie and dancing afterwards! So fun!
Here is your wedding day story, and Haley, I hope the brings you out of that blurry world of memories and gives you a clear picture of your wonderful wedding day!
I am pretty sure I am bawling while this was happening. What a Dad! 

Because these were too good not to include. I married one of the best. Thanks Anna for snappin' these! 

Vendor Info :

Dress : David's Bridal
Groom's Suit : H&M
Rings : Bride: Kate Spade - Bride's Wedding Bands, Diamond Ring - Great Grandmother's. Groom : Moorea Seal
Cake : DIY
Programs & Favors : DIY
Flowers : DIY
Food : Big Woodies BBQ (Bride's Father)


Ally B said...

These photos are so wonderful! Such a blessing to see Haley and Blakes day - coming from a friend in Arkansas!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I love them so much, the pictures and the people! You outdid yourself. I wish I wasn't crying so much that day so I wouldn't be making scrunched up faces in most of these, but I was incredibly emotional. Haha. Thanks for all you did for her that day, you guys were more than photographers.