Haley is a Bride

Haley, Haley, Haley... Where do I even begin? This whole entire experience, from the booking consultation to the very last photo we snapped at your wedding - you and Blake have been a dream. Every single bit of your wedding was divinely orchestrated. So here they are, Haley's pre-wedding day bridal photos! Excited to share their entire wedding on here this week!

And now, lets all just take a deep breath before her beauty steals it away. Cheesy, I know, but I mean it. (In through your mouth, out through your nose...)

Haley, you are just way too easy to photograph and a true beauty. Lets just do all of your photos over again! Okay? Okay great. Because you were a breeze! 
Ps. Thanks for going into the woods with us, in your wedding dress, before you even wore it on your wedding day. You are a brave bride. ;)


Denise T said...

Elise, you captured Haley's true beauty. Thank you again for all your hard work..especially on a rainy day.

Mini Style said...

I absolutely LOVE Haley and Blake and these photos capture all of the beauty that they encompass. Amazing job!!