Shelby & Lauren

Lauren and Shelby were such a surprise to us, they welcomed us in with open arms! Lauren texted me after our first meeting (less than a month before her big day, might I add) and said the sweetest thing, which really reflects their whole dynamic as a couple, " I feel like I have known you guys forever! :)" This was after just sitting and talking for 30mins, MAYBE. That is exactly Lauren and Shelby, welcoming in everyone, loving on many and being kind and caring through everything. 
The morning of their wedding they surprised us again with a text message that exclaimed that we would be able to shoot on the rides at Lee's Summit's Oktoberfest before it even opened to the public! Little did they know that one of my greatest fears is riding carnival grade ferris wheels... HA! Isn't it funny how life works sometimes? Always growing. Nevertheless, we climbed on  and I am so happy we did! 
Enjoy this beautiful garden wedding with the added bonus of carnival rides!

This is the "we are really here, finally, doing this" look. haha! 

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sherri keene said...

Congratulation Shelby & Lauren !Wishing you to a wonderful life together! Love you Auntie Sherri Groh