Brenna & Michael | Wintery Engagement

When Brenna first emailed me and we talked about her wedding colors, venue and cute ideas, I knew we were going to be a wonderful fit! Her cute little home is one that dreams are made of; I couldn't get enough. Michael was a lot of fun, and is quite the helper (we lost our keys in the snow and he tracked 'em down, like a pro key tracker) Brenna is really marrying a good one for sure! Also, how lucky were we that the date we had scheduled their engagement session  (weeks in advance) that it would snow?! I'd say pretty lucky! These two were up for a little adventure and we sure gave it to them. 
Can't wait for their pretty wedding at Mrs. Gilmore's Carriage House this spring. It's going to be one for the books.

Brenna, I can't even handle these photos of you. 

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