Tara & Mark

Mark and Tara make up the adorable team of Musician and Teacher, so they are both very thoughtful in everything they do. If there was ever an award for the most energetic and overwhelmingly kind groom, Mark would have won it. You'll see what I am talking about when you get to the reception photos - this guy was loving it and so was I! I have never snapped as many photos of dancing in my professional career, as I did that night. Tara is a tender hearted, smart and beautiful lady who's favorite thing to say when you give her a complement (and believe me, she got a ton of complements that day) isn't just simply "thank you!" but instead a sweet response of, "you really think so?" And don't even get me started on their daughter who acts twice her age with all the confidence of a 25 year old, I swear, I thought she was at least 17! In the total opposite end if the spectrum is their quiet and reserved son who will take you totally off guard with a well thought out response. Let's just say, Ethan and I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to start our 2014 season off with!


We had a few little boys peaking around the corner of the woods to see what we were doing. Those stinkers! Love it!

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