Anna & Isaac | Baby Neale

These two have a little sweetie coming soon! You can just see it in Anna and Isaac's eyes when they speak about their precious baby girl - especially Anna when all she talks about are her preparations. They recently bought their first house and are hastily trying to move, paint and prep it and make it their home before Baby Neale arrives - soon!! Of course, because of all the major life changes going on with them we found it perfect to shoot photos in their empty home.

Anna and Isaac, I hope in 10, 20, 50 years, when you look back on these photos of your empty little house and anxiously awaiting the beginnings of your family, you look back with such complete joy. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us!


Claire said...

The chickens are my favorite.

Courtneyvk said...

These are all beautiful! Great job, Elise. Anna, you are beautiful.. your little baby is going to be so loved!