Amber & James | Engagement

James had planned a sweet scavenger hunt all over town with hints and notes. The hunt ended in front of the Founders Park Lofts, and he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Just watching Amber tell us the story was incredible as her face began beaming and she couldn't stop smiling. They are sweet, end of story. 

We instantly hit it off with these two. The minute they got out of their car and we shook hands before the session it was instant chemistry. Ethan and I had a huge blast hanging out with them, it felt like a double date! 

We can't wait for your wedding!


McKinsey said...

Oh I love this. A big strong man and a beautiful, dainty woman. They are a great looking couple.

Mandy Leigh said...

I've just spent the past half hour looking through your blog, you are such a talented photographer! I really love how you're able to capture so much emotion in your photos.

Just wanted to send a little hello from a fellow Springfield blogger! :)
xo Mandy | Blog