Sara & Jonathan | Kansas City Engagement

When I was in High School I was obsessed with this album by Mae titled The Everglow. I was in love with this album so much that I even created an email address and screen-name based off of it. I know, I was such a cool teenager... Anyways! When I found out that Sara & Jonathan are basing a lot of they're wedding off of the album cover and music, I was (and still am) so excited!

We started our session off with a double-date of sorts, meeting up for coffee at Quay Coffee in Kansas City. The people who work there are the coolest, because they allowed us to stay after they locked the doors to shoot in the space. I ate it up!  Then we were off to explore and create some of my favorite images. (I think I say that every time, but I love them!)

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Shelley Anson said...

Thank you so much Elise. This is Sara's mom, Shelley. Your work is excellent and I LOVED all the pictures. So happy that Sara and Jonathan found you. Can't wait to meet you. Again, thank you thank you