Abby & Brian | Historic Firehouse | Springfield, Missouri | Commercial St. | Wedding

The moment you first meet these two you would never have guessed that Abby and Brian met at a party in college and hit it off over a game of beer pong (of which they won.) They dated for 6 years leading up to a year of engagement, so this wedding was well anticipated by all during the 7 years they were together, and boy did they celebrate!

The rain came, but not until after the ceremony ended. And I mean right as they were walking back down the isle in celebration, the rain fell! We ran into the back stairwell and watched through the windows as the guests grabbed chairs, and ran for cover. It was the perfect timing and you couldn't help but feel that is was divinely so. The sunset rewarded us with blazing oranges and vibrant pinks, and Brian and Abby were on board for making the most of it.

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