Sara & Jonathan | Mae Wedding | Baldwin City, KS

Sara and Jonathan planned their wedding around the album, The Everglow, by Mae. Jonathan explains the reasoning for using the album,  "Incorporating The Everglow into our wedding was more of an emotional necessity that a conscious decision. This album has been the underscoring of our relationship, since we met and at times guiding us along our path. I know many couples identify with this album, but I'd like to be so bold as to say, The Everglow is the story of Sara and Jonathan. It will never stop being a part of our lives." Sara says, "For me, it's always been my favorite album. It was the first storyline album I really listened to, understood and immediately fell in love with. I shared it with just about everyone I knew, but it wasn't until I shared it with Jonathan that I felt like someone else felt the same way I did. We listened to it a lot during our two and a half years of long distance. During the happiness and the sadness.. Mae was always there. They helped us so much. "

We walked into the reception hall that morning and right away were asked, "Do you know about the thing?" Immediately my heart skipped a beat, because I had no idea what was going on and usually like to come prepared. The venue owner told us the wedding party had flown in the lead singer of Mae to sing them their first dance song and just to generally surprise them. At this point my heart was aflutter with excitement, as my 15 year-old self was freaking out over this news. I couldn't believe it, how awesome is my job that I get to witness such incredible love and once in a lifetime moments? (I know I say that all the time...)

The day continued with flowers going missing and rain sprinkling and an overall breathlessly stressed Sara, but once she climbed into her wedding dress all seemed to go calm. The sun came out from behind the dense clouds, the flowers were found. As soon as Jonathan saw his bride, the tears came (so of course I started crying... ;) and any residual anxiety immediately melted away as they embraced each other. Smiling and crying and complementing each other, Jonathan exclaimed, "You are the most beautiful."

Dave, the leader singer of Mae, was stashed away in the office, and there he stayed for nearly four hours (or maybe it was five hours?) I continued to try and hurry along Sara and Jonathan, because they still had no clue what was coming and were enjoying the party they had been planning for months. When the time came, the bridal party lined up in front of the stage area to block out any sight of Dave, from a very curious bride and groom. With the first strum of his guitar the bridal party parted the wall they had created. Everyone began to cheer, cry, laugh and sigh as Sara gasped in awe and they danced, holding each other while the tears streamed down their faces. It was a day unlike any other.


 Thank you, Mitch and Erin, for this photo! We really treasure all the photos we have of us with our couples! (and Dave!) If you are needing photos in England, check them out : Team Rose Photography

Also, if you are interested in the album this wedding is based off of : The Everglow, Mae

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Jessica said...

Absolutely stunning! Was this all shot at Stony Point?