Ashton & David Kravish | Knob Noster, Missouri Wedding | Simple Blessings Farm

I have been trying to find the words to describe this wedding to you all, because it was such a unique and soul filling  day for me - and I was just behind the lens! It was such an honor to spend time around Ashton and David, they have a love that is strong yet gentle, vibrant and full of laughter. Ethan was pretty excited to meet David, who is a professional basketball player (recently accepted a position to BC Nokia, in Finland WHAT! SO COOL!) and I was pretty worried about the height difference between David and Ashton. Thankfully she wore some killer heels and I found the height difference to be really cute and lovely.

The Day began smothered in brilliant, warm August sunshine, but soon the rain came. And I mean it POURED while Ashton and her bridesmaids were getting ready. However, Ashton didn't skip a beat or bat an eyelash, all she cared about was the fact that she was getting married today and rain wasn't going to stop that. Then, right as it was time for their private reveal, the sun came back! It was like a beautiful gift to see that sunshine and clear blue sky. Finally, within five minutes of the ceremony beginning, these huge dark clouds rolled overhead, the wind picked up and you could feel the energy of the air wishing it was water. They said "I do" and walked back down the isle and then the rain came, but it didn't stay long! Ethan and I knew we were in for a beautiful sunset and we even got a rainbow! I am not kidding you guys, there was sun three time and apocalyptic rain storms twice - IN ONE DAY. The night ended it dancing and there wasn't a soul sitting at any of the tables, everyone flooded the dance floor all night long!