Annie & Tanner | Bolivar, MO Wedding

Let me just start this off by saying how much I love these two. I have known of Annie (I call her Annette) for years as we ran in the same circles in high school, but we figured out that we lived on the same street when Ethan and I, first moved back to Springfield, and she quickly had me over for tea. That tea led to hammock talks in my backyard, and eventually (and sadly for me) I threw her a going away party when she left for Austin, TX. Annie left Springfield as a single lady, and the next time I saw her she was engaged to Tanner, who is her opposite, but totally likeminded match.

A&T were married in Tanner's parents backyard, surrounded by their closest friends and family. It was a day filled with little moments of great significance, just as Annie had planned. If you know these two at all you know that material things do not matter to them, so they didn't bother themselves with the decorations or obsess over the details, they just talked about what they could do to make their wedding day special and a true representation of their love. It was such an incredible thing to witness and photograph. Love you both!

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