Sam + Jaz | Kansas City

This session was sandwiched in between two really rainy days, immediately following my journey to find a public bathroom where I had to buy a lemonade from a KFC to get the key to use their bathroom. Guys, I had no idea how good their lemonade was - 10/10 recommend. Also, the guy behind the counter gave me two free cookies, because he said I looked like I needed them and I don't really know what that meant but I was into it because HELLO FREE COOKIES. (See, Jaz, told you I would blog about it!) 

Anyways... here is how Sam describes how they met:

"Jaz and I met at my best friend's wedding (4 years ago) where he was bartending, he was a friend of the bride as well. She had been trying to get us to meet for months and he was busy traveling for school and I had just gotten out of a serious relationship so neither of us were interested. After taking pictures with the bridal party I came in and asked for some more wine and he straight faced told me "No." Apparently, they were running low at the time but I was unaware of that, just in shock someone told me no! We joke that I fell in love with him at that moment. " 

Pretty adorable, right? We can't wait for the wedding this fall!

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