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In our opinion, you'd be hard pressed to find anything better than sharing our lives with people; whether it be through the lens, over a beer or even comments on instagram, we love people. We love our clients, we love their weddings, personal style and unique love. You could say we love, love. ;)

Ethan and I got married a little over a 4 years ago, moved to Kansas City, MO - from Springfield, MO and started our lives together. In the winter of 2014 we moved home - back to Springfield, MO! As a result, we shoot all over this beautiful state as our clients are located everywhere! We have fallen back in love with this city, the inspiration it brings and our wonderful friends. It's a sleepy place filled to the brim with warmth and one of a kind people. 

My husband, Ethan, and I work as a team. Which means I do the camera holding and sometimes he holds me - seriously, he puts me on his shoulders, or picks me up, because I am 5'1" but think I am 6ft. Ethan rocks the lighting and equipment and keeps me from falling down hills or just flat on my face. I do the shooting, emailing, editing and general running of the business, while he is pursuing his degree in woodworking and carpentry.

We strive to create a relaxed atmosphere in our photographs.  We are much more interested in capturing who you are as a couple over everything else. We don't do posey-posey-stiff photos, we just kind of let you do your thing. We strive to make all our photo sessions feel more like a double-date than a photoshoot, because we want to get to know you! (There just happens to be a camera along...)  

Our philosophy is this: 

You are one of a kind, your life is one of a kind, so let's make sure your photos are a representation of that. We would love more than anything to be the ones to help you remember those special moments, with professional and artistic photos.

We would be honored to help tell your story.

Elise & Ethan

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